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NorvalSound is a comfortable place to record great things.  
We are dedicated to doing justice to your sound and producing the best work possible.
  • Slate Digital Raven MTI 2 Dual Touchscreen Station 

  • Waves Gold package with Waves tune

  • Focusrite Red 3 EQ & Compressor

  • Isotope Nectar Vocal Processing Suite with Vocal tuning

  • Slate Digital Plugins

  • Blue Cat EQ & Compressor

  • AIR Music Plugin Suite

  • Roland V-Drum electronic kit

  • Steinway & Sons Grand Piano with MIDI control

  • Ivers & Pond Princess Grand Piano

  • Yamaha RBXA2 5 string bass w/ Active Pickups

  • BC Rich Virgin 4 string bass w/ Passive PJ style pickups

  • Ibanez 4 string bass w/ Active pickups

  • Ibanez Talman 6-string Acoustic

  • Guild USA S-100 Polara loaded with Seymore Duncan Antiquities

  • Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro V

  • Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut with Bare Knuckle War PIG90 P90 style pickups

  • Gibson Les Paul Jr with a P-90 pickup

  • Carvin CM-140 loaded with coil tapped Carvin Humbuckers -1978

  • Carvin DC127 loaded with coil tapped Carvin Humbuckers -1998

  • Epiphone Dot Semi-hollow loaded with Gibson Burstbucker Pickups 

  • Epiphone WildCat loaded with Bare Knuckle War Pig90 P90 style pickups

  • Epiphone Goth Explorer Loaded with Gibson Dirty Fingers Pickups

  • Epiphone Goth SG Loaded with Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Humbucker Pickup Set

  • Squire Telecaster 

  • (2) BC Rich Warlocks 

  • Eastwood 2X4 DEVO model w/ high-gain P-90 pickups

  • Roland Keytar X-1

  • Virtual Instruments:  Komplete 9 (variety of analog synths, drum, piano sounds, etc to choose from), Arturia vintage synthesizer emulators, Many plug-ins for Logic and ProTools.    

  • TAMA StarClassic  6pc Drum Kit with Paiste Masters Dark Cymbal Set and Double Kick Pedal

  • Pro-Tools 2021

  • Logic Pro X

  • 24 Focusrite Inputs

  • Kemper Profiler 

  • Digidesign Eleven Rack with Digidesign Mic Pre

  • Digidesign 8 Channel Mic Pre



  • Shure:
    (4) SM57 - Large Diaphragm Dynamic Cardioid 
    SM58 - Large Diaphragm Dynamic Cardioid 

    (6) Beta 58 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Supercardioid

  • (2) PGA181 - Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condensers
    55S - Large Diaphragm Dynamic Cardioid
    Beta 52 - Large Diaphragm Dynamic Supercardioid

  • Rode:
    NT2A - Large Diaphragm Multi Pattern Condenser

  • Sennheiser:                                                                       MD421                                                                                     e815S

  • Slate Digital                                                                                 M1 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Modeling Condenser           (2) M2 - Small Diaphragm Condenser Modeling Condensers

  • Audio Technica:  
    AT2035 - Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser
    (2) AT4040 - Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condensers

  • 12 Gauge Microphones:  
    (2) Green 12 - Small Diaphragm Cardioid Condensers,
    (2) Red 12 Omnidirectional Condensers
    (2) Blue 12 Small Diaphragm High SPL Cardioid Condensers
    Black 12 - Small Diaphragm Stereo Cardioid Condenser

  • M-Audio:
    Sputnik - Large Diaphragm Multi Pattern Tube Condenser

  • Electro-Voice:
    RE320 - Dual Large Diaphragm Dynamic Cardioid Broadcast Mic

  • Headphones:  (3) Audio Technica M20 Closed Back, M40 Closed Back, M50 Closed Back, (4) Sennheiser HD201 Closed Back, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Closed Back, AKG240 Open Back, Slate Digital VTX Virtual Room System

  • ART Head Amp Pro

  • Monitors: (2) Neumann KH120, (2) LBL LSR308, (2) Vintage Klipsch Mid-Field Floor Monitors (2) Boston M1 Theater Monitors with matching Subwoofer

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