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NorvalSound aims to offer the highest quality recording at affordable rates.  We believe that music is essential to a happy life, and are honored to help passionate musicians realize their goals.

NorvalSound Studio RECORDING:

$40 per hour 

Welcome to NorvalSound headquarters!

Your fee includes your studio time, engineer, use of some equipment, consulting, bottled water, tea and/or coffee.


$400 per day

NorvalSound can come to you!



$30 per hour

Mixing and Processing:

$200 per day

We are passionate about sculpting sound.

Mixing time varies depending upon performer proficiency, perfomance corrections, number of instruments, and other factors. 

Our friendly engineer can come and help you with your studio issues.  Be it software issues, acoustics, guitar set-up, or songwriting, NorvalSound can help.

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