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Pure Sonic Quality

Arcane Arcade

Inspired by 90s alternative, pop punk, skateboards, Fat Wreck Chords, beer and horror movies; Arcane Arcade’s sophomore e.p., “Turn on, Tune In, Burn out”, is an estimable illustration of punk rock life in the 21st century. Truly, the perfect soundtrack to what we’re all thinking: ‘Do I slit my wrists or drop into this halfpipe while chugging a beer? Fuck that shit, jump in the pit!’!

Car Bomb Driver
Car Bomb Driver Evacuate! 7_.jpg

St Pete legends, Car Bomb Driver prove again why they're kings of the scene with their latest 7" vinyl release "Chick-fil-A is Closed on Sunday". They're known for their raucous performances and cheeky sense of humor and this record does not disappoint! 

Nuts & Bolts

This horror themed, genre mixing Hip Hop album isn't like anything else. It's absolutely brutal! The songs are thoughtfully crafted, it's compositions are engaging and the performances would be boast worthy for even a veteran band. It's time to don a hockey mask and vibe to something new. Finally! Just make sure to check under your bed first. Because, you won't want to afterwards!


J'Bolts earned his name when he survived being struck by lightning in 1999. His brutal yet intricate style is incredibly powerful!

Tampa Bay Symphony

“The mission of the Tampa Bay Symphony is to promote interest in classical music in the Tampa Bay area, to encourage and educate youth throughout Florida with a “Young Artist Competition” and by other means, to promote the creation of new music and provide a channel for living composers to have their works recognized and performed, to provide an opportunity for qualified volunteer musicians of all ages to perform challenging symphonic music and to enhance and enrich the artistic and cultural life of our community.”

Mix the indie pop charm and songwriting chops of the C86 scene with a splash of shoegaze and you’ll get a good idea where the St. Petersburg, Florida combo are coming from. Seafang consist of Heidi on vocals, Susan and Stacey on guitars, Paul on drums, and Gary on the bass. Indie scenesters may remember the latter from his acclaimed ‘90s group Honeyrider.
Acoustic Valley

After forming at SPC's MIRA program, Acoustic Valley went on to win the New Sounds Of The Left Coast from WMNF 88.5FM with recordings from NorvalSound. Please note that the studio pictured in the video is the 88.5 WMNF Live Music Room during a performance and not at NorvalSound Studio, where the song was recorded.

St. Petersburg Opera

With Maestro Sforzini at the helm, St. Petersburg Opera offers excellent operas and events throughout the year.  SPO performs in St. Petersburg's historic Palladium Theatre and in Preis Hall at Opera Central.

Ezra C. Haugabrooks

Ezra C. Haugabrooks is a composer for film and stage. His compositions and instrument selections are unique, provocative and thought provoking. Podcast

The ResistanceMom podcast is the story of Americans defending and rebuilding democracy today, for our own sakes and for our kids. 

Host Andrea Hildebran Smith talks with leaders from every angle of the resistance about how to make an impact that will last, the fight to end gun violence, movements for sustainable economies, defending America’s immigrants, and confronting white supremacy.  The show does a deep dive into new frameworks for protecting speech and civil rights online. We have a particular focus on our responsibilities to the next generation: engaging youth activists, and figuring our how to at once protect and prepare kids for the challenges they are about to inherit.

Broken Things
Broken Things_changer Split.jpg

St. Petersburg's own Broken Things have recorded four amazing albums with NorvalSound and we LOVE them! You will, too. 

10 Minutes From Here

Funky bass lines, Hard Hitting Drums, Snarling Vocals, interesting compositions AND something to say? 10 Minutes from Here is a force of nature!

You're welcome.

Trenchfoot Shindig

The songs on this debut album reference multiple genres effortlessly and honestly, which makes them difficult to categorize but easy to listen to on repeat. Truly, Trenchfoot Shindig is like no other. 

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