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Get The Most From Your Session


For those new to NorvalSound, or to the recording studio in general, here are some tips & info to help you along.


Treat yourself well.  And your instruments too.


A day or two before your session, give your instruments fresh strings. a good tune, polish, whatever they need to be at their best.  Get plenty of rest and relax.  If you're a Vocalist, drink extra water, avoid caffiene and alcohol the evening before and consider steaming your face.

But most important, stay relaxed and have fun!  Remember that we are rooting for you!


Preparation is key


Practice using a metronome! It's not as easy as it sounds and a solid meter is key to a professional sounding recording. Practice your pieces as much as possible.  Know them well enough to do it while reading a book, or giving someone directions. The more proficient you are, the less time your engineer will have to spend making performance corrections, and the lower your cost.  Give us your best!


Arrive on time to your session.  Or 10 mins before.


Timing isn't just important in the recording booth....  


NorvalSound loves to spoil you.


We hope you will be comfortable in our studio.  We've found that a good environrment is crucial to fostering creativity.  NorvalSounds offers complimentary coffee, tea, and bottled water to all our clients. We do ask Vocalists to refrain from drinking coffee or tea before their takes.  Trust us.  


We do our best.  This takes time.


Mixing time varies greatly upon performer proficiency, amounts of requisite performance corrections, how many instruments are involved, etc.  NorvalSound will discuss Mixing times with all clients and keep them abreast on their piece's progress.  We aim to be proud of every piece that comes out of NorvalSound, and invite you to help us make that happen.

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